Jenise BlancJenise & RandyJenise Blanc was born and lived in New York City most of her life. After many trips between the two coasts, she has called Los Angeles her home since 1991.

Currently Jenise is the owner of Canyon Car Service and the co-producer/executive producer of Blanc-Biehn Productions

Randy, Jenise's husband is a musician, composer and media artist. Randy has several CDs, the latest of which is entitled, "Silver Linnings and High Heels" are all available from his website,

Jenise & JenniferJenise's daughter Jennifer, is an actress who lives in Los Angeles. Jenise attended "People's Choice" awards with Jennifer, where Jennifer's show "Dark Angel" won the award for Best New Drama!

Jenise has traveled all over the world with Jennifer and Randy, visiting countries such as France, England, Hong Kong, Mexico, Wales, Thailand, Spain, Ireland and all over the US (including Hawaii) and Canada.

Jenise has worked from the beginning of Jennifer's career as her business adviser and stage mother going on auditions, acting as a liaison to managers and agents and accompanying Jennifer on tours.  Serving Topanga

Jenise and JoannaIn the end of 2008 Jenise partnered up with website designer Joanna Gunst  to provide the residents of Topanga with a quarterly advertising publication entitled, Serving Topanga which printed it's last issue in June of 2021.

What keeps Jenise busy now is her main business, "Canyon Car Service" which she ownes with her husband, Randy and her new Grandson DASHIELL KING born March 21, 2015.


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Canyon Car Service


Canyon Car Service gives people rides to and from airports, takes people for "Nite on the Town” or “Girls Night Out," takes clients to restaurants, picks up children after school, takes clients to medical appointments or picks up their cars in the shop as well as party shuttles.  The party shuttling is also used for personal parties - getting guests from designated places to their parties.

Testimonial from Jane R. - "What a beautiful newsletter design, thought, Jenise such a good mother to her amazing daughter and to those of us lucky enough to ride in her limos…"    
love you, Jane

Jenise & Randy
Jenise & Randy in France 2011

Jenise and Randy's "Canyon Car Service" received the award for the "Best Home Based Business in Topanga in 2004," given by the Topanga Chamber of Commerce.  They received certificates and plaques from the State Senate, State Assembly and Lost Hills Police Department.  Jenise was recently a board member for the Topanga Chamber of Commerce.

Another endeavor; while living in Topanga Canyon we purchased 'The Bisbee House' in Bisbee, Arizona which is constantly rented as an air B & B!

Jenise went to many schools and took business courses, drawing, acting and dance.  Her education included attendances at Oswego State in NY, Boston University, Marymount College, Hunter, Fashion Institute of Technology and the New School.  She received a certificate from New York Interior Design School to practice Interior Design.  In Los Angeles, Jenise took film courses from UCLA and received a business certificate for Small Business Management and Marketing at the Allied Business School.  

She's taken voice for voice-overs in New York at Bob Colliers School and Improvisation with Kathy Kinney of the Drew Carey show, as well as commercial courses with Lisa Pantone and Improvisation with Tim Colsieri in LA, among others.  Jenise also finished a Production for TV and Film course with Robert Kester at the UCLA Extension.

monah limonah li

Jenise is a former model who has appeared in two fashion shows of clothing designer, Monah Li.  Jenise started doing commercials for her dad's ad agency as a teen-ager.  She eventually did print ads, fashion shows, coliseum shows, lots of in-store modeling and fittings as well. She later got interested in Make-up and cosmetics - She was a make-up artist - worked for the Make-up Union as well as Cosmetic companies like Estee Lauder and Prescriptives. She owned a franchise called "The New York Make-Up Center."





In March 2011 Jenise again modeled in a Fashion Show with daughter Jennifer for MONAH LI and wore Monah Li clothes!  This was a charity event for battered women.


Since Jenise loves clothing, she has a natural flair for putting together outfits and styles. She has shopped with quite a few clients who swear that they couldn't have done it without her. She can be and frequently is hired to shop and help put an outfit or wardrobe together and familiarize clients with just the appropriate places to go to and what to buy when thJenise & Jenniferey get there.

Jenise and Jennifer had a clothing store called, “Blanc’s” in Hollywood.  They had a lot of fun doing this, had lots of trunks shows, decorated the store to the hilt and had a lot of success while it existed.  The store carried shoes, pants, jeans, tee-shirts, tops, hats, jewelry, boots, dresses, accessories, etc.   It was fun and tastefully done.  They also had a second level for vintage clothes and accessories.  They had Dave Edwards the photographer from ”Daily Celeb” come in quite regularly to take pictures and post them on Daily Celeb on the web.

At the Cannes Film Festival 2013
Jenise Blanc-Chance, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Kim Jackson, Xavier Gens, Kate Reese Davies, Phoebe Price, Kate Rees Davies, Nichola Fynn

The Night Visitor
Jenise Blanc, jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Brianne Davis, Nichola Flynn, Gary Cairns

Screenings of The Victim
Including: Jenise Blanc, Randy Chance,
Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn,
Travis Romero, Denny Kirkwood,
Tia Carrere, Lorna Paul, Monique Guild
Butch Figarsky, Lorraine Ziff,
Tanya Newbould
, Alyssa Lobit,
Athena Lobit, Jay Lobit, Donal Logue,
Desmond, Danielle Harris, David

Screening of 'Among Friends' in Dublin
Including: Jenise Blanc, Jennifer Blanc- Biehn,
Athena & Jay Lobit, Donal Logue, Danielle Harris,
Desmond, David, Ed, Conner

Screening of Malignant & The Girl
Jenise Blanc, Randy Chance, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Andy Mackenzie

Jen & JeniseJenise is best friends with both her daughter Jennifer and with her husband Randy.

Jen DashiellJennifer is currently living with her husband, Michael Biehn they have a son together named Dashiell King Biehn born March 21, 2015. Both Jennifer and Michael have had a full acting career, and Michael just finished directing a feature length film in China, which featured Jennifer in a principal role.  More information can be found regarding both Jennifer and Michael on “”, “Facebook” and other websites.

Jenise and Randy love living in Topanga Canyon with their dog, Claude.

dadfamilyJenise lost her beloved mother and father recently. She was very close to both of them and was her father’s biggest admirer.  Her sister lives in Virginia with her family, and her brother lives in New York with his family. 

Jenise loves to shop, eat out, travel and go to fine hotels.  Every year she spends her birthday at Big Sur, a place that she loves very much, unless they go to either Hawaii or the south of France. Recently her favorite get-away is Two Bunch Palms in Dessert Hot Springs.

Jenise and Randy are offering their own Short Term Rental or Vacation Hideaway here in Topanga. Contact Jenise for info.


Set Me FreeJenise loves music (especially oldies) and got smitten with her husband when he was lead guitarist in the Lovin'Spoonful.  Set me Free TrayHe has just recently finished working on a new CD of original songs and has a recording studio and multi-media company called "Nano Muse." Randy teaches private music lessons to all ages and has quite a following. Randy has 5 CDs out being distributed by cdbaby and he's working on a new CD which will be Blues.   He also has music up for a feature film! Randy has songs in the movie THE VICTIM, which stars Jennifer Blanc and Michael Biehn and is directed by Michael Biehn. Randy has contributed a song to the movie Among Friends directed by Danielle Harris written by Alyssa Lobit, Jennifer Blanc and Michael Biehn are in the movie. He is also about to do the Music Scoring for Treachery directed by Travis Romero starring Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn.

Jenise has exercised her whole life.  She loves swimming and does hatha yoga.  She meditates twice a day without fail. Her monthly massage from Sarah Wadsworth of Massage Express keeps her in balance and she loves her visits to Sally at Sienna Skin Care. Jenise, Jennifer and Randy all believe in alternative healing.

Other endeavors: Jenise and Randy are certified to perform wedding ceremonies; Randy teaches meditation and does Tarot readings.

Phone:  (310) 455-1924        310-456-4284 (cell)          Email

Jenise's husband, Randy
Jennifer & fiance,
Michael Biehn
Randy & Dashiell - 3 years old
Randy & Jenise

Jennifer & Michael

The Victim:   First premiered May 3, 2012
Starring Jennifer Blanc Biehn & Michael Biehn
Directed by Michael Biehn
Produced by Jennifer Blanc Biehn
Original Music by Randy Chance
Jenise location scout and car service
Jenise & Randy in cafe scene

Jennifer & Michael's son
Dashiell King Biehn
Jenise Claude Randy Claude n Jen Dashiell
With Claude, our new dog
Jen with Claude
Dashiell Randy n Jenise
Dashiell, our Grandson that is keeping us busy these days
Enjoying Big Sur
DashiellJeniseRandy Randy Jenise Dashiell